Parliamentary Architecture


To comply with Part M and the DDA Act these University offices have been equipped with tasteful and convenient ramps. If styles of buildings and clothes may be compared this building is a portakabin in a striped shell-suit with a Zimmer frame. (Booth St East, Manchester)

The house with no windows


Not a Photoshop job.

This house on the escarpment at Tyldesley, Lancashire answers Louis Kahn’s old question – ‘What does a brick want to be?’ by turning its back on a busy road. It reminds me of the line in the Bob Dylan Song, “Maggie’s Farm”:

“His bedroom window
It is made out of bricks.”

Lutyens in Liverpool

Liverpool 2207

The exhibition of the great model of Lutyens’ project for Liverpool Roman Catholic Cathedral ends on 22 April (Walker Art Gallery website). The building is stupendous: buildings, pylons and aedicules piled up and punctuated by saints mounted on columns and balancing on ledges. The form is then covered in an order of stark, black punctured openings, raised geometrical panels and baroque niches all unified by a layering of contrasting masonry. The sculpted figures, empty niches and distant forms combine to give the impression of a building occupied by more than the congregation.

Liverpool 2207

In my opinion, the presentation of the model is poor. The different scales of architectural form and detail are bleached by the light blasting from all directions. The style of display is perhaps prompted by the priorities of the Museum: the finished model is presented as a technical achievement in restoration and conservation rather than a representation of a building of great formal and emotional power.


History of the RC Cathedrals

Model photoset