Venice Workshop: Week 1


The 10 CiA students (with staff members Sally Stone and Eamonn Canniffe) participating in the international workshop at IUAV in Venice have had a busy first week. A briefing day was followed by two days of fieldtrips to significant archaeological sites and the project sites at Caldonazzo, Riva del Garda and Concordia Sagitarria. International design teams were formed with the other students from Barcelona, Catania and Venice and the projects will be presented in exhibition to a prestigious jury next week. The workshop’s homepage can be visited at THIS LINK…


This year in Venice

The B.Arch. studio presentations are being held on 22 September 2009. If you would like a preview/reminder of the CiA studio proposal go to THIS LINK

Sally Stone and Eamonn Canniffe are currently participating in a joint architecture/archaeology workshop with schools of architecture from IUAV, Barcelona and Palermo. If you are interested in their architectural and gastronomic adventures, you can follow their Twitter feeds:

Sally Stone Eamonn Canniffe


Notes from New York City #1


Architect’s home life.
Italian chromed steel electric fan by Enzio Pirali 1953. Donated to MOMA by Philip Johnson 1956.



New Cooper Union Campus Third Ave E7th St by Thomas Mayne of Morphosis opening this week, September 2009.

Mayne’s design, conceived with the belief that space can inspire learning, embodies Cooper Union’s intention to create an academic building that will have the same impact that the Foundation Building had on higher education in 1859 and that our Chrysler Building had on New York architecture in the 1930s George Campbell, President

We don’t have to take this seriously but it does make a great skate board ramp.



Skyscrapers horizontal and vertical
Williamsburg bridge & random NY building.


Blueprint for Vicenza


The August issue of ‘Blueprint’ magazine features 50 of the Best UK Design Graduates, two of them, Sophie Corkhill and Matthew Duggan, being from the ‘Continuity in Architecture: The City, the Building, the Room’ group. The projects were intended to complement the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza in celebration of the quincentenary of Palladio’s birth. Sophie’s and Matthew’s work was selected by Nick Johnson who praised it in the following terms.


A bold, brave plan wrapping inventively around the Palladio building. A ‘stealth’ building – as much ‘this year’ as the barcode facade was last, and the sloping roofscape before it – seems to work and be an appropriate and articulate response. A believable and convincing plan with a bold yet sensitive rendering.


In a world of architecture obsessed by itself and the veneer of stylistic appeal, this student started from a fundamentally different point of view, concentrating on the ‘feel’ of the space rather than the look. The light into, and the view out of, the space is fundamental. An antidote to so many students intent on stylistic rather than human responses to creating space.