An Architecture of Alphabetic Archaeology

The 2010 iteration of the Erasmus Intensive Workshop Archaeology’s Places and Contemporary Uses at IUAV is again in the process of working on a variety of difficult sites in the Veneto (Altino, Aquiliea, Borgoricco, Concordia Sagittaria). The task is to cover the extensive remains with protective covers and to announce their presence in the landscape. After the first week of lectures, the collaborative projects between students from Venice, Barcelona, Catania and Manchester are taking shape under the critical scrutiny of the tutorial team. As the clock runs down towards the jury at 14.00 hours on Friday 24 September the work rate is increasing. Watch this space for further reports.

CiA Studio Projects, 2010-2011


We are looking at four sites for sixth year (Bachelor of Architecture) studio projects:

Option 1: Dubrovnik: We have identified and visited two excellent sites within the old city, the first is an extensive ruin area, the second is an abandoned palace for which we have a full set of survey drawings and full access. Visit to be held in October.

Option 2: The Veneto region, probably Padua, at one of the Architecture/Archaeology Workshop sites to be visited this month.

Option 3: The Westminster Cathedral Competition site. A public space and new building project in London.

Option 4: Antwerp: The fifth year will be looking at this great port city in Belgium (“A patchwork of ancient and modern architecture”) so it is possible for some Year 6 students to join them. Sally Stone will be lecturing and teaching in Antwerp at the end of September. Sites and contacts will be developed from this visit with a view to arranging a student visit in October.

Picture top: Site by the city wall, Dubrovnik. Project site.

Picture below: Detail of the Isusovic Palace, Dubrovnik. Project site.