Letter to the Editor

The vision published in the Lancashire Evening Post
June 5 2006

The text of a letter published in the Lancashire Evening Post on Friday 23 June:
“It is difficult to understand the point of the drawings of the proposed developments in Preston on your front page (Evening Post, June 5). They appear to show the complete demolition of Friargate and its reconstruction as a suburban business park. It is a ham-fisted vision. The Council say we should not take the drawing seriously as a proposal. Why then was it issued? Is it beyond the Council to produce a proper urban design and architectural strategy for the area if their aim is to propel the city to European status? There are numerous European examples of the proper integration of new developments with historic structures and city patterns.” Sally Stone, Manchester School of Architecture


Preston in the ’50s. Friargate is the curved street running from the top centre of the picture. The new proposals are for the area at the top of the picture. Click on the image for more aerial views of Preston in the ’50s.

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