Three Men in a Boat…


….Woody Woodmansey, David Bowie and Mick Ronson. The DFDS ship ‘Princess of Scandinavia’ is typical of its type having an interior reminiscent of a motorway service station. The one interior of interest is the ‘Heaven 11’ disco on deck 7 which sports large black and white photographs of the above mentioned Spiders from Mars, Led Zeppelin, Faces period Rod Stewart and, er, Chuck Berry. The disco is used as a breakfast bar in the morning so it is quite interesting to see these camp, debauched figures looming over the muesli-eating passengers.

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4 Responses to Three Men in a Boat…

  1. Trevor Bolder says:

    Was was I cropped out?

  2. Catriona Potts says:

    Yeah. Sorry Trevor. Perhaps they took exception to your lamb chop sideys in a food environment 😉

  3. android says:

    Ah, the good ol’ King of Scandinavia! I haven’t been on the boat for a couple of years (i think its been refurbed since) – but i actually found the whole retro interior vibe quite comforting – you expect that from a ferry – not some overly chromed, plastic borefest like so many planes and trains these days. Im supposed to be going to Holland in a couple of weeks, with the Volcano still spouting out ash, im taking the boat!

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