Monument and Sign


“In the San Lorenzo we see today, the various types of additions to it,
from the medieval … to the Renaissance …, are still apparent, while the
entire structure occupies the place of the ancient Roman baths, in the very
heart of Roman Milan. We are clearly in the presence of a monument; but is
it possible to speak of it and its urban context purely in terms of form? It
seems far more appropriate to look for its meaning, its reason, its style,
its history. This is how it appeared to the artists of the Renaissance, and
how it became an idea of architecture that could be reformulated in a new
design. No one can speak of the architecture of the city without
understanding such artifacts; they constantly demand further investigation
for they constitute the principal foundations of an urban science. An
interpretation of symbolic architecture in these terms can inform all
architecture; it creates an association between the event and its sign.”

Aldo Rossi -The Architecture of the City


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