Studio Programme 2006/2007



The relationship between forms of architecture and modes of dress has been
theorised by the likes of Gottfried Semper, Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos since
the middle of the nineteenth century. As the world capital of the fashion
industry, the contemporary architectural scene in Milan is emerging from a
long period of apparent stagnation with the completion of Massimiliano
Fuksas’s Nuovo Polo Fiera and the construction of Grafton Architects Bocconi
University building. While the city assimilates these new interventions it
therefore seems an appropriate point to consider the concepts of beauty and
utility within Milanese design culture, and specifically the discipline of
fashion,through exploring the creation of objects, architecture and the
city. Situated in a richly layered environment, but one which is not
constrained by history, the proposed projects firstly aim to present an
opportunity to analyse the development of the present urban situation.
Secondly they will develop proposals for a variety of sites in Milan as
communicative and representational urban environments. Lastly, it is
intended that the balance between analysis and creative proposal will ensure
an interpretative framework for an architecture which is adept at dealing
with both the concrete and the speculative [Click here to read more…]

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