The Schiffli Machine

Video of the machine in action

Our friend in embroidery, Melanie Miller, is encouraging wider use of the amazing Schiffli machine currently unloved and underused in the embroidery workshop. She has initiated a research project which involves inviting practitioners from a number of disciplines to explore the possibilities of the machine. Contact Melanie Miller ( if you would like more information.

From the MMU website:

Mechanical Drawing/Schiffli Project.

The Schiffli project, led by Dr. Melanie Miller will enable both MIRIAD researchers and visiting artists to work with the unique and historic Schiffli embroidery machine.

The schiffli machine is a multi-needle machine that stitches repeat patterns or images across a piece of cloth. Controlled by a pantograph, image-making using the schiffli machine is essentially a drawing process. Drawing is regarded as fundamental to many different creative disciplines, and the development of a body of work by a range of practitioners invites systematic analysis, within the creative contexts of drawing and design processes.

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