Modern Architecture Through Case Studies 1945-1990


Eamonn Canniffe of CiA has collaborated with Peter Blundell Jones to produce ‘Modern Architecture Through Case Studies 1945-1990’:

“Once again, new interpretations are presented of some of the most famous architecture of the period. Work by lesser-known architects, whose influence and role have been overlooked by conventional histories of the subject, is discussed. The case study structure allows each example to be discussed and used as a springboard to explore different theoretical approaches. Filled with beautiful photographs, plans and architect’s drawings, this is a clear and accessible discussion on a period of architecture that engages many questions still under debate in architecture today.”

Among the architects under discussion are the Smithsons, Stirling and Gowan, De Carlo, Piano and Rogers, Kroll, Rossi, Eisenman, Venturi and Scott Brown.

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