First of the Star Architects?

This month marks the fifteenth anniversary of the death of James Stirling during a botched hernia operation. We will be publishing a series of posts remembering and celebrating the great architect.


The critic Colin Rowe claimed that James Stirling’s mother confided the architect had been conceived in New York harbour, precisely at the old Cunard pier at the end of West 46th Street. Here is his birth chart for the co-ordinates

Né le 22 avril 1924 à 14h45
à Glasgow (Royaume-Uni)
Soleil en 2°09 Taureau, AS en 5°03 Vierge,
Lune en 14°10 Sagittaire, MC en 24°42 Taureau

James Stirling 22 April 1926 – 25 June 1992

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