The Staatsgalerie Downhill

staatsgalerie 2 1984

Views of Stirling’s Staatsgalerie tend to show the front of the building with its extraordinary denial of the conventional facade in favour of an array of architectural motifs grounded in a stylised ruin – the approach from Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse invites the visitor to immediately enter or to climb the building.


A visit in 1984 soon after the opening of the building was quite different. The hostel was on a hill side and we made our way down to the city centre by foot, encountering the Weissenhof-style administration building first and using the path via the building’s rotunda as a route between the hillside and the city below. This powerfully linked the promenade through the building with the surrounding landscape and we experienced Stirling’s architecture as an easygoing down-hill short-cut – a series of experiences in which the building never fully presented itself. View the Staatsgalerie Slideshow 1984-1990.

staats 1984

James Stirling 22 April 1926 – 25 June 1992

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