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In 1923 Ninian Comper obtained the commission for his masterpiece: the conventual church of All Saints, London Colney. The convent had previously employed Leonard Stokes (1858-1925), why did they change architects? The reason may be found in ‘Sir Ninian Comper’ by Anthony Symondson 2006, page 153.

Stokes was a man of ‘paradoxically impulsive temperament’ with a violent temper, given to swearing. He had made designs for a chapel but lost the commission because he called the Mother Superior a ‘damned woman’ to her face; Comper referred to her as ‘the saintly Mother Mary Emily’.

* Picture shows The Atmosphere of a Church, 1947. ‘There is no such thing as a Protestant church.’ p.8 (although he allows that there may be Protestant Meeting Houses for preaching).

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