It may interest ex-Manchester Polytechnic students of Architecture that Loxford Building is being demolished. Although the School of Architecture moved out of the building some eight or so years ago, for many years before that it was the seat of disorder, mayhem, culture and learning. There are many who remember the studios as the venue for table-tennis tournaments, football matches and even on one memorable afternoon, a barbeque.

 Loxford Tower will be replaced by an “iconic building” to house the Business School and Student Hub designed by Fielden Clegg Bradley


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10 Responses to LOXFORD TOWER RIP

  1. Paul Summer says:

    I took 2 pics last night if you wanna d/l them of Loxford Tower being demolished.

  2. Kate says:

    I was at Loxford Tower 1998-99. Its sad to see that it has gone!! Was so convienient for my lectures in The Geoffrey Manton Building and the Union!

  3. Simon Woods says:

    Lived in Loxford 75/76 and 77/78. probably was still reveberating from my rubbish guitar playing.

    It’s amazing it lasted 35 years with all the abuse it got.

    Were they still serving that cold ham and yogurt on Sunday evenings to the end.

    RIP Loxford may your secrets remain.

  4. dora says:

    Lived in Loxfrod in 1999/2000 my erasmus year..the best of my life.dora from italy

  5. joysieb says:

    Loxford Tower Hall – what memories! I lived there 1983-1985. I hadn’t realised that it had been knocked down.

    Memories of pancake parties and LTRA ‘discos’ in the dining hall!

  6. Giorgos says:

    Lived in Loxford Tower during year 1999-2000 my first of seven great student years in UK, so it’s relatevely easy to understand it was my totem .. certainly one of the best years of my life. George from Athens, Greece

  7. I was living at Loxford from 1985 to 1987 I made many good friends while at Loxford but I have many photos, so this building will always be in my memory.

  8. Steve Martin says:

    Cannot believe it, such a beautiful building too! Great days, great banter, great memories…

  9. Sudip says:

    I lived there from 1985-1986. Absolutely best years of my life. The lifts never worked & a bit shaky! Once I had a room on the 10th floor with great views of the Moors & the infamous Babylon kebab house. Also, great mates & two wonderful girlfriends, who I all miss today. Did no study at all!

  10. Phill Le Mottée says:

    Lived there ~1980 – 82 5th floor
    met a lot of good people along with usual pratts!
    Lots of fun always latest in to lectures being 2 minutes from the Engineering block!
    Seems a shame it was demolished! Hey ho! time and progress stops for noone!

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