French concrete brut mystery


This photograph was taken in France in the 1950’s by architect John Sagar.
Can anyone identify this wonderful concrete structure?

Update 12 July: See comments

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4 Responses to French concrete brut mystery

  1. Joe Dickeson says:

    I am guessing that this structure was designed by Corbusier as the path lighting is a replica of that at the Unite d’habitation.

  2. Dominic Roberts says:

    Thanks Joe. Never been there. Is this it? note small white building in open space immediately north of Unite block:

  3. Dominic Roberts says:

    of course wannes deprez has the answer

    see the following link for the original drawing:

  4. Joe Dickeson says:

    Completely missed it when I visited last year. Has a simlar style to Corb’s later work ‘church at Firminy’ with the thick curving cast concrete and delicate punctured holes! A very appealing rubbish dump!

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