The Hand of the Architect Sketching

peter-wilson.jpg    bolles-wilson.jpg

Continuity in Architecture have been a-twitter with excitement at the prospect of a lecture by the highly acclaimed architect Peter Wilson. The sense of expectation was heightened by the memories of past and highly influential talks which probably date back to the 1980s. Concepts of interpretation, context, place, narrative and storytelling are always a marvellous encouragement.

Peter Wilson did indeed deliver an inspirational lecture at CUBE. Using the illustrations from his new book about drawing as the basis for the talk, he skipped through a chronological dissection of the work of Bolles + Wilson. He is a man obsessed with hand drawing, and to prove this he showed the preliminary drawings for each project before describing how these sketches influenced the final building. “If the initial sketch is not correct”, he explained, “then the finished building will not be right.” Wilson considers architecture to be “something that accompanies daily life” and his talk and the sketchbooks gloriously showed that.

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