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Old Manchester Town Hall 1834-1912

Architecture in the raw Photographed just before its destruction in 1912 Manchester’s pre-Waterhouse Town Hall was the subject of study by students at the Manchester School of Architecture published in 1915. Few buildings of this quality have ever been demolished … Continue reading

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The Economics of the Ideal Villa

…or In a Recession Classicism is King Is it a sure sign of a housing market in crisis when innovative design gives way to a rather more bankable product? 2001, perhaps in retrospect the high-water mark of Cool Britannia, saw … Continue reading

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The Judicious Eye

For summer reading CiA recommends Joseph Rykwert’s “The Judicious Eye: Architecture against The Other Arts” (Reaktion 2008). Provoked by the discontinuity between the contemporary architectural environment and artistic practice Professor Rykwert charts the history of the relationship between architecture and … Continue reading

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An English pursuit

Postcard from The Museum of Modern German Literature, Marbach am Neckar, Germany. Architect: David Chipperfield. Batsman: Ivan Roberts. Bowler: Harry Miller.

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Holiday viewing

wannes deprez / ony one maintains one of the most consistently interesting and entertaining photostreams that I have found on flickr. Scans from books and magazines depicting visionary modernist projects are interspersed with pictures of the architects themselves. Photostream

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