The Last Building


The final building by Sigurd Lewerentz is a small flower stall completed in 1969 for Malmo East Cemetery. The original simple mono-pitch form has been recently extended. The original building is charming and elegant. It is sited parallel with the ridge along the site and has concrete walls and a copper-covered roof. The windows are clipped to the face of the walls and finished with sealant. The roof sweeps down to shade the front window. The timber battens, intended primarily for the jointing of the copper sheet, are thickened to provide structure for the roof overhang. The surface-fixing of the glass conceals the thickness of the concrete walls and gives the whole structure a feeling of surface, thinness, lightness.


Posted from Malmo, Sweden

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2 Responses to The Last Building

  1. Eamonn Canniffe says:

    This could be just the mania of the index, but does this building bear a similarity to a certain studio in Wales? viz.

    Also- are the hanging baskets un homage to the window boxes on Adolf Loos’s Haus on the Michaelerplatz?

    Enough – ‘The Politics of the Piazza’ demands its dreary tribute…

  2. This house makes me feel sad and desperat. It embodies nothing but devastness.

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