Thinking Inside the Box: Interiors in the 21st Century – New Visions, New Horizons & New Challenges

Interior Architecture, Design and Decoration is a growing intellectual discipline, as the subject has become more accessible and highly visible so it has become more respectable and is now considered as a subject in its own right rather that an adjunct to architecture or an extension of decoration. The study of the discipline is so often dogged with issues of decorative finishes and cut MDF. Interiors are frequently regarded as the forgotten elements within a much larger theoretical discussion, as the spaces left over and produced very much as a consequence of building exterior. It has been regarded as a superficial practice that lacks a particular set of distinct design theories or principles, but there are more than 100 interior design and interior architecture courses listed on the UCAS website in Britain as well as the subject specialism in architecture. It is extraordinary that is there very little academic writing on the subject

The Interiors Forum Scotland will be debating the identity and future of Interior Design at a two-day symposium at the beginning of March 2007. Issues of theory, identity, design, and practice will be discussed at the Lighthouse Gallery in Glasgow. The event is organised by a collective group of Scottish Interior Educators. The Keynote speakers include Sally Stone, the leader of the College of Continuity in Architecture, MSA and Graeme Brooker, Course Leader Interior Design, MMU. This should prove to be an interesting conference.


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