Stirling Archive

In 1999 the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal purchased the archive of James Stirling and Michael Wilford’s office, including much material from Stirling’s previous architectural firms. In the linked edition of MOQDOC (a Canadian newsletter for art libraries and archives) the cataloguer Eva-Marie Neumann outlines the archive’s contents and some of its unexpected material which will shortly become available to researchers.



Drawing of the Olivetti Training School, Haslemere 1969
From James Stirling, Buildings & Projects 1950-1974: “the classroom wings were cranked in plan to avoid colliding with groups of very large specimen trees and the wings have been sited along level ground to permit linear expansion. Prefabricated wall/roof units are of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) which are clipped together, a process similar to industrial design products and to Olivetti’s own production of machines and equipment…Seventeen colours for the external GRP were rejected by the local Planning Committee on aesthetic grounds and the original colour scheme [lime green and violet] could be used only inside the building.”

James Stirling 22 April 1926 – 25 June 1992

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