Adolf Loos: Anachronistically Alpine?

Following the Christmas post below, a few slides of the Khuner House by Adolf Loos (1930).Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Contemporary to the whitewashed masterpieces of his last phase…this country house that is so vernacular, so anachronistically alpine, so rustic, raises a theoretical question…to what extent this manifest contradiction of languages reveals a poetic dissociation, a sort of architectural schizophrenia..…If, set in the world of the metropolis, Moller House shows the extreme reticence of nihilismus, Khuner Country House…speaks the dialect of the place. Loos substitutes the logical modesty of building works with deep roots in their site for the fetishism of the ‘grand form’, of the narcissistic search for poetic consistency: “To bring materials from far away is more a question of money than of architecture. In mountains rich in timber, one builds in wood; on a stony mountain, stones will be used”.*From Adolf Loos by Benedetto Gravagnuolo, p204

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