Expo Zaragoza 2008


Eamonn Canniffe has been invited to contribute photographs of Italian villas to the interactive exhibition which will feature in the Italian National Pavilion at the 2008 Zaragoza Expo. The theme of the Expo ‘Water and Sustainable Development’ will be represented in the pavilion, sponsored by the Italian Foreign Ministry, in a display which features

‘our common historical past: from the marvellous achievements of the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages and Renaissance water mains and Leonardo da Vinci’s hydraulics systems. An interactive map – running around the walls with plasma screens waiting to be “interrogated” by the visitors and equipped with holograms – is both the packaging and the leitmotif of all the material on display, alternating between examples of state-of-the-art technology and brilliant solutions designed by geniuses of the past.’

The gardens featured include Villa Lante at Bagnaia, Villa Barbarigo Dona delle Rosa at Valsanzibio, and the Villa Barbaro at Maser, all of which are illustrated on guttae

The site for the Expo and for the Italian Pavilion.


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