CiA Studio 2008-2009


And so the hustings are once again upon us at the Manchester School of Architecture. This year Continuity in Architecture will be offering two BArch studio units.

The first is a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andrea Palladio. The City The Building The Room is an exploration of urban and interior space in the Veneto. Projects will be based in Venice, Vicenza and Verona. Students will be asked to propose a new building on a site adjacent to the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza

The second CIA unit is running two cross-disciplinary projects, both of which are in conjunction with the MA Design at the Manchester School of Art. Ways of Worldly Wisdom is an examination of the qualities of a specific urban area in Manchester with the possibility of developing the site as an extension to an existing educational institution. Off the Beaten Track will investigate the notion of “The Illuminations”, a phenomenon particular to seaside towns. The project will explore the viability of re-introducing this seasonal highlight into Morecambe on the north-west coast of England.

Studio staff (to be confirmed): Sally Stone, Eamonn Canniffe, Helen Felcey (Manchester School of Art), John Lee (Arca), Dominic Roberts (Francis Roberts Architects).

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