Name Dropping


In what can only be described as an architectural celebrity bumper period for the northwest, we have been honoured by a number of distinguished guests.

Peter Eisenman delivered the RIBA Annual Discourse 2008 at the John Moores University. His lecture entitled: “Textual Heresies: Le Corbusier and the Palais des Congrès-Strasbourg, 1962 to 1964” was an extremely thorough discussion of the building. He also examined the relationship between available technologies and architectural design, not just technology in the construction industry, but also that, which is available in the architects studio. He commented that computers do tend to become the design drivers, complaining that: “Student work all looks the same to me, that’s why I teach Palladio, I don’t know what else to teach”. Apparently the student retort to this one is “Drawin’ Palladio poché aint gonna get me a job in Frank Gehry’s office”.

Charles Jencks introduced Peter Eisenman, describing him as “A conscience for architecture”…and… “A thorn in the side of cliché”. I think that we can all agree with that.

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