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As part of the Manchester Art and Design Festival (MADF), Future Everything (FE) and the Manchester School of Architecture Events Programme (…?), Continuity in Architecture will be holding an investigative workshop:

Experiments with Urban Narratives

Workshop participants will explore a narrative approach to understanding cities, taking Manchester as their object. They will explore how the past and the present combine and/or clash in the streets, paths, blocks and spaces of the urban environment. They will bring creativity and strongly reflexive approaches to questions of for who, and by whom, cities are designed. Participants will predominantly use film-making as their medium, but may also use montage, modelling, drawing and redrawing as methods of interpreting and designing cities – with attention to urban form, contextual relationships, social relationships, sensory experience, activities and movement.

Collaborators include:

Simon Green, President, Manchester Society of Architecture, Hurd Rolland Partnership
Dr Stephanie Koerner, School of Art, History and Archaeology, University of Manchester
Dr Raymond Lucas, Manchester School of Architecture
Dr Amanda Ravetz, Miriad, Manchester Metropolitan University
Sally Stone, Director Continuity in Architecture, Manchester School of Architecture
Dr Bronislaw Szersznski, Centre for Environmental Change, Lancaster University

The three-week workshop, which begins on Thursday 22nd April, will include a series of film-making exercises, editing instruction, seminar discussions, film showings and a one-day colloquium to discuss results. The films produced during the workshop will be shown at the CUBE Gallery at 6pm on Thursday 13th May and an exhibition of the work will be staged at the Contact Theatre during the Future Everything conference, 13th-14th May.

The workshop is open to students in all departments of Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester and will be of particular interest to those studying in Faculties of Art & Design, Planning and Architecture. Any interested parties from outside the Universities should contact Sally Stone at the email address below.

Registration contact:

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