CiA Studio Projects, 2010-2011


We are looking at four sites for sixth year (Bachelor of Architecture) studio projects:

Option 1: Dubrovnik: We have identified and visited two excellent sites within the old city, the first is an extensive ruin area, the second is an abandoned palace for which we have a full set of survey drawings and full access. Visit to be held in October.

Option 2: The Veneto region, probably Padua, at one of the Architecture/Archaeology Workshop sites to be visited this month.

Option 3: The Westminster Cathedral Competition site. A public space and new building project in London.

Option 4: Antwerp: The fifth year will be looking at this great port city in Belgium (“A patchwork of ancient and modern architecture”) so it is possible for some Year 6 students to join them. Sally Stone will be lecturing and teaching in Antwerp at the end of September. Sites and contacts will be developed from this visit with a view to arranging a student visit in October.

Picture top: Site by the city wall, Dubrovnik. Project site.

Picture below: Detail of the Isusovic Palace, Dubrovnik. Project site.


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