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Portuguese Picnic

The inaugural meeting of the European Architectural History Network was held at the beautiful Portuguese city of Guimaraes between 17 and 20 June and fulfilled the organisation’s mission to create a vibrant new forum for the study of the complexity … Continue reading

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Interview with Alvaro Siza

Alvaro Siza – Quinta da Malagueira, Évora, Portugal (1977) An edited extract from an interview conducted by Manchester School of Architecture doctoral candidate António Oliviera with the 2009 Royal Gold Medallist Alvaro Siza Vieira AO: What were the principles underlying … Continue reading

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Three works by Siza

A recent visit to Portugal afforded the opportunity to look at three works from the long career of Alvaro Siza. Boa Nova Tea House (Leça de Palmeira 1958-63) This early work by Siza has survived a half-century without officious preservation. … Continue reading

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Nossa Senhora de Fatima, Lisbon

Porfirio Pardal Monteiro: Church of Nossa Senhora de Fatima, Lisbon (1938) This suburban church from the late 1930s presents a curious hybrid of architectural languages and materials. Its interior is formed in a gloomy concrete gothic, lit only by dramatic … Continue reading

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On the (Lisbon) Waterfront

The Council for European Urbanism (CEU) has informed us about a Symposium concerned particularly with the Lisbon waterfront projects: The symposium will address the urgent issues raised by the Lisbon waterfront projects in the context of the C.E.U. Charter. We … Continue reading

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Messages from Portugal

Our recent post about Evora has led to some interesting correspondence with Portuguese architects and students. rui-mello sends us some images of the work of Joaquim Massena. The project is a theatre in Oporto. The work of Massena, which appears … Continue reading

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Alvaro Siza in Evora

Further to the recent post about James Stirling’s housing in Runcorn we present these images of Alvaro Siza’s project for housing in Quinta da Malagueira outside the ancient city of Evora. Begun in 1977, the neighbourhood is an immediate product … Continue reading

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